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Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® certification is a significant entry-level certification for project practitioners by Project Management Institute (PMI)®. Only after qualifying in the CAPM® certification exam that is based on A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide—Sixth Edition), participants are provided with CAPM Certification.

CAPM® certification benefits:

  • Gain Project Management Institute (PMI)® widely recognized, good practices
  • CAPM® certification establishes your project management credibility at an early stage
  • CAPM® certification is the best possible foundation for progressing to the Project Management Professional (PMP)®credential at a later point in your career

The content of this course is aligned with A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Sixth Edition. Highlights include:

  • Project initiation
  • Project Management Charter
  • Stakeholder management
  • Risk managemen
  • CAPM® Exam: sample questions and answers
  • CAPM® Exam: application process and creating an efficient study plan

CAPM® Exam Preparation Course – Learning Outcomes:

  • Become familiar with the concepts and methodologies outlined in the PMBOK® Guide.
  • Gain confidence with CAPM® exam sample questions and answers.
  • Understanding of the CAPM® exam application process.
  • Develop an effective study plan to help you prepare for your CAPM® exam.

Project Management Integration

Develop Project Charter, Develop Project Management Plan, Direct and Manage Project Execution, Monitor and Control Project Work, Perform Integrated Change Control and, Close Project or Phase.

Project Scope Management

Collect Requirements, Define Scope, Create WBS, Verify Scope and, Control Scope

Project Time Management

Define Activities, Sequence Activities, Estimate Activity Resources, Estimate Activity Durations, Develop Schedule and, Control Schedule

Project Cost Management

Estimate Costs, Determine Budget and Control Costs

Project Quality Management

Plan Quality, Perform Quality Assurance and, Perform Quality Control

Project Human Resource Management

Develop Human Resource Plan, Acquire Project Team, Develop Project Team and, Manage Project Team

Project Communications Management

Identify Stakeholders, Plan communications, Distribute Information, Manage Stakeholder Expectations and, Report Performance

Project Risk Management

Plan Risk Management, Identify Risks, Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis, Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis, Plan Risk Responses and, Monitor and Control Risks

Project Procurement Management

Plan Procurements, Conduct Procurements, Administer Procurements and, Close Procurements

Project Stakeholder Management

Identify Stakeholders, Plan Stakeholder Management, Manage Stakeholder Engagement and, Control Stakeholder Engagement

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