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This AWS Cloud Practitioner course will help you learn how to navigate the AWS (Amazon Web Services) management console; understand AWS security measures, storage, and database options; and gain expertise in web services like RDS and EBS. This course, prepared in line with the latest AWS syllabus, will help you become proficient in identifying and efficiently using the AWS platform. 

Program Features:

  1. High-quality self-learning content
  2. 2 simulation exams
  3. Trainer support in exam booking with AWS.
  4. Industry recognized course content

Delivery Mode: Online self-learning

Prerequisites:  Basic knowledge of any programming language is beneficial, but this course can be taken by anyone who has an interest in learning AWS

Target Audience: This AWS course is ideal for individuals tasked with articulating the technical benefits of AWS services, including SysOps administrators, IT developers, and individuals who want to learn about AWS.


Key Learning Outcomes: Upon completing Totaleducator's AWS Cloud Practitioner course, participants will: 

Become familiar with AWS platform concepts and terminology Understand AWS infrastructure and console management Create a Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket and use Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Learn about AWS networking and storage concepts Gain knowledge of AWS cloud architecture and security measures



Lesson 01: Introduction to Cloud Computing

Lesson 02: First Steps into Amazon Web Services

Lesson 03: Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Lesson 04: Networking in AWS - Virtual Private Clouds

Lesson 05: Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Lesson 06: AWS Storage

Lesson 07: Load Balancing and Autoscaling

Lesson 08: DNS and Content Delivery Networks

Lesson 09: Monitoring, Auditing and Alerts

Lesson 10: Databases 

Lesson 11: Serverless Computing

Lesson 12: Security and Compliance

Lesson 13: AWS Pricing, Billing, and Support Services

Lesson 14: Conclusion Practice Project

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