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A SAFe Release Train Engineer (RTE), also known as ‘Super Scrum Master’, communicates with stakeholders, escalates impediments and helps manage risk. A RTE further helps configure SAFe to the organisation’s needs, standardising and documenting practices. Many RTEs also participate in Lean-Agile transformation, coaching leaders, teams and Scrum Masters in the new processes and mindsets.

Over the past few years, RTEs have seen their standing rise, meanwhile becoming a formal/full time role within organisations that have adopted agile working. Main reason behind this is the development the role has made in the SAFe methodology released by Scaled Agile, the US-based thinker and guardian of the way of working. In the first edition of SAFe, the RTE was pictured outside the release train, a feat which also was the case for SAFe 2.1 and SAFE 2.5. When Scaled Agile launched the largely expanded SAFe 3.0, the RTE for the first time was included in the supporting group for release trains.


Become a certified Release Train Engineer (RTE)

TotalEducator delivers innovative, practically oriented training sessions and masterclasses for governments and businesses. We are SPCT Gold partner of Scaled Agile™, the founders of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). The highest quality training, consulting and coaching to support the Lean-Agile transformation using SAFe is offered. We are the authorized provider of all SAFe training courses including SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) and Release Train Engineer (RTE).

The SAFe roles

The Scaled Agile Framework has multiple different roles:

  • SAFe Agilist improves the adaption process of Lean Agile mindset within the organisation.
  • A  RTE keeps the Agile Trains of an organisation on track.
  • A SPC is the leading agent who implements the whole SAFe framework in the organisation.

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