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  • PMI members: $405
  • Non-members: $555

 Re-sit fee:

  • PMI members - $275
  • Non-members-$375

PMP certificate is valid for 3 years and thereafter a renewal is recommended.

Once you apply and become a PMI member, you will get your PMI ID.

Being employed at the time of application submission or examination are NOT among the eligibility requirements for PMP certification.
As long as you have the required experience as per the PMP Handbook, you are eligible for PMP certification.

Failing into application audit will deduct $100 from the application fees. Failure in the exam does not proceed any refund.

You can accesses the classes online from your totaleducator account for several times as all the classes are recorded automatically.

You will be given data-set practice assignments regularly to gain practical exposure.

At the end of the course you will have to complete a real time project related to business issues.

Yes, you will get a performance based graded course completion certificate.

Yes, you can contact tutors through chat and mail from your account ID.

We provide online instructor-led live sessions for various courses.

Our tutors are highly experienced industry professionals and veterans.

We offer online video classes with the facility of two-way communication between trainer and students which allows students to communicate through chat or microphone or screen share facility.

The pre-recorded video sessions are available to watch and listen only where you cannot communicate with the instructor but in instructor-led online live sessions, you can communicate with the tutor through web-chat or voice-chat.

Yes, you can do so with assuring adherence to the course perquisite.

You can make payments through all leading bank’s Net Banking, Credit Card or Debit card. For any assistance, contact our Service Support Team.

At totaleducator, we ensure 100% satisfaction of learners, and if you are not happy with us, you can get refund as per refund policy.

We recommend 1Mbps internet speed to join our online sessions but a lower speed will also work.

We do provide course material in PPTs, PDF and other documented forms in addition to our video classes in downloadable forms.

Once you get registered with any of our course, you get a lifetime access to that course related materials.

At the end of the tutorial course, you will be allotted a real-time project by our instructor to develop your understanding of how to implicate and conceptualize the real-time applications. Once you completed the project work, the instructor will review the work and then you will be awarded with a performance based course completion certificate.

For any queries regarding the class, you can send an email to the instructor to get detailed explanation. Our tutors are committed to reply your query mails.

All our sessions are recorded and uploaded into user page which you can easily access by logging into your totaleducator account. You can also ask to join the next available batch for the same class by contacting our support team.

We have 24/7 Service support Team to provide you extra assistance.

You can email us at support@totaleducator.com for any queries and concern.

If you are not satisfied with our classes or services you can ask for refund to our Support Service team within 1 day from the course start date.

While making any payment enter the coupon code into the given field to get discounted offer added automatically to the total payable amount. For assistance you can contact our Support Service Team at any time.

PRINCE2® (Projects in Controlled Environment) is basically a structured project management method that allows professionals to develop credentials for managing projects across various industrial verticals. The professionals as well as the organization have the advantage of bringing maturity in their organization across multiple business domains.

No, not necessarily but is recommended. Professionals willing to undergo training can go for Accredited Training Organizations (ATO) which are certified by PEOPLECERT like totaleducator.

Examinations are a part of for Accredited Training Organizations (ATO) courses. However, professionals giving the exam through self study can register in PEOPLECERT which conducts the exams around the world.

There are no pre-requisites for the foundation examination. However individuals need to make sure that they have completed the foundation examination before beginning to take practitioner examination.

All the individuals need to make sure that they have re-registered within 3-5 years from the original certification. The examination is of the same level as that of Practitioner exam and is based on the modules of 2009 PRINCE2®.

The basis eligibility criteria to become a PRINCE2® trainer is 53/80 (66%) in the Practitioner exam.

All the major languages are a part of PRINCE2® examination. For more information go to official website which is www. prince-official site.com/Qualifications/Examination Languages. as px.

Yes, after successful completion of the Practitioner level, professionals are free to use ‘PRINCE2® Registered Practitioner’on their business cards.

All the classrooms teachings are recorded automatically. Individuals can get access to these tutorials by visiting the totaleducator page. The recordings are kept for lifetime.

Assignments are provided by the instructors on regular basis in order to gain practical exposure. Time to time material will be provided by the instructors as the course module gets covered.

After completion of the course, individuals will be provided a real time project based on some business problems. Some assignments will also be given during the teachings of course module.

Yes, individuals will be awarded a certificate from totaleducator along with performance based grading after successful completion of the course.

Individuals can get in touch with their instructors by logging in to their totaleducator id. Chat and mail support is also available to get in touch with the instructors.

Yes, individuals can switch in between the batches but with prior notice.

totaleducator offers instructional based online live sessions for various courses.

Instructors are none other than some noted industry professionals who have been working in some leading organizations and are masters of the field.

Live video streaming is the mode that classes are conducted at totaleducator. Two way communications can be established via microphone or through chat windows.

Pre-recorded video session is a one way communication between the instructor and individual and there are no projects, assignments, quizzes or course-related materials shared in these sessions whereas Instructor – led online live sessions is a two way communication between the instructor and individual where queries or doubts can be resolved instantly.

Yes, course modules can be taken from any location.

Credit card, Debit card, or net banking is accepted from all the major banks. Further queries can be resolved by live chatting with the customer support team.

totaleducator is endorsed in providing maximum benefits to the individuals. However, individuals not finding the course suitable can ask for refund within 1 day of course commencement.

I Mbps is the recommended speed, however individuals with lesser speed can also attend the online live sessions.

PPTs and PDFs are provided to the individuals in downloadable format apart from the classroom videos.

Once registered, individuals are provided lifetime access to the course material

Individuals will be provided certification and performance based grading only after successful execution of real world application. Trainers are all time willing to assist the individuals to make the project a successful one.

Any kind of doubts/queries can be resolved via mailing the instructors. Instructors respond back in the shortest span of time.

In case any of the sessions are missed then individuals can simply login to their account with their username and password and gain complete access to the missed session.

Our 24/7 Service Support Team are always available to assist the individuals who require extra assistance.

Email us on support@totaleducator.com.

You can easily enroll for the training by making the payment via below mentioned mediums and a receipt would be generated automatically which you will receive in your mentioned email address. Different mediums for payment are:

  • Diners club card and American Express.
  • Visa Debit / Credit card.
  • Mastar card.
  • Through PayPal.

Along with the training you will also have the access to e-learning and practice tests which will make your course study much interesting and easier.

Yes by paying some additional fees you can easily extend the access period. For more information and help write us at support@totaleducator.com.

We provide you with 24*7 access to e-learning through our website from the time you register with us for a course by paying the relevant course fee. You will receive a course purchase confirmation mail from our end which will guide you through the entire process.

For any help & query you can write us at: support@totaleducator.com. Chat facilities are also available for instant resolutions. For any course related issue please send us a mail at the mentioned address.

Yes, we do offer you with course completion certificate once you completed that course.

Distance MBA program is slightly different from online MBA in terms of structure. While in online courses students study through online material only via internet, in distance courses, students are required to join some of the on-campus session, exams and networking events.

In correspondence course, students are given online course material to study at their pace but in distance course, one have to go through various methods of instructional delivery along with online course material.

In distance education system, few sessions are recommended to attend by the students as through this they can get a chance to interact with tutors.

As prescribed in the prospectus, you don’t need to go through any entrance exam to do a MBA with us.

Yes, we do have a network of learning centre resources that offers easily accessible learning help to students. In learning centers we also provide counseling facility as well.

We offer Degree and Diploma programs in various fields such as Computer Applications / Information Technology (IT) /Management, paramedical, applied sciences and Library & Information Sciences.

You can get the online Prospectus from our website and offline copy from our various guidance & Learning resources Centers.

It is advisable that you go through the prospectus as well as our website to get all information about our each program. You can also contact our counselors through the toll free number or by visiting our learning centers to check if you are eligible for a program or not

You will be contacted through email time-to-time regarding the admission status and also you can contact our counselors to get updated information.


They will be conducted at our guidance& Learning resources Centers.

Two types of study material will be given:

  • Self learning printed material
  • Digital or online material

Your roll number will be provided through website before 1 month of examination and it will be offline mode exam.

After the admission you can contact us on the following addresses Call on +1-844-528-4481 Mail on info@totaleducator

Just Click on “Apply Now” and follow the process.

The Distance M.Tech program is a little different from online M.Tech in terms of the study course material. Generally, online M.Tech means the student’s studies through online material like the internet. Whereas the Distance learning M.Tech means, students are needed to join the on-campus class session, Exam, and Practical Class.

In the M.Tech correspondence course, the students can study on his or her own via using the online material like the internet or Self Learning Materials provided by the University, and the student doesn’t have the benefit of a mentor for the most part of the learning process. On the other side, M.Tech Distance Education grants the learners or students to learn at their own place and pace. In the Distance, the students have the benefit of a teacher to take guidance & support, Practical lab facilities, Group interactions, Teachers chats, Counseling sessions, Course material, Video sessions, and other learning resources.

No, you do not any requirement to go through the Written Test or Entrance Examination to do an M.Tech with us.

In distance course along with studying the online course material, you also get the opportunity to go through various methods of instructional delivery while in Correspondence course you will be only studying online material.

It is recommended that students should attend the scheduled sessions to get a chance to interact with tutors and other personally.

It is clearly mentioned in our program prospectus that, to get an admission with us for MCA course you don’t need to go through any entrance exam.

You can get all eligibility and admission requirement information in our webpage of MCA admission and also in our website. If you require further assistance, you can dial our toll free number or visit our learning centers.

You will get time-to-time email contacts from us about your admission status or you can also contact our counselors to get latest updated information.

The end-term exams will be conducted at our guidance& Learning resources Centers.

You will be given Self learning printed material and Digital or online material. Also you can collect notes during on-campus sessions.

You will be able to access your roll number from our website 1 month prior to the exams, and the exams will be carried in offline mood.

Yes we have a chain of learning center resources which offers easily accessible learning help and counseling facility to students.

You can get the hard-copy prospectus from our learning centers and the online prospectus from our MCA web pages.

You can call us on +1-828-5448230 and mail us on info@totaleducator.com

Following mode of payment is possible: Online mode (http://www.totaleducator.com/payment-page )

The Distance BBA course is a little different from the regular BBA course. In the regular BBA course, the students are required to physically present at the university or institute or college, attain group discussion, Activities, Campaigns and Teachers lecture and so on. On the hand side the Distance BBA courses, students are not required to be and physically present at university or institute or college, they only require to attain some of the on-campus session, Exam, Campaigns and Networking events.

In the Correspondence Education, the students are given all the course materials through online ways, such as Mail so that they can master the materials at their own pace. Whereas the Distance Education, the students give the course materials via several methods of instructional delivery models, synchronous or asynchronous, accompanying availability of online course materials and by Faculty availability.

It is suitable for the Students, as well as the Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Housewives and any other individual who desires to follow Professional Education while still ongoing their daily life. No restraint of time and point Good flexibility to study at your own pace E-library Learner Management systems Cost effectiveness fee structure Flexible entry and exit the system Self-learning course material as per Syllabi/ E-books/ref Booklist given by totaleducator.

You can avail the online prospectus for BBA course from our TOTALEDUCATOR website and offline copy through our counseling facility.

Those students have just completed their schooling and are seeking a cost-effective way to study, and a specialized graduation in the Management field, who can apply for this course.

No, in the Distance Education Mode, it is not compulsory for you as a student to attend classes. You just need to attend few classes or sessions which are recommended by tutors.

You will be connected through your Email time-to-time in regards to the admission procedure or current status and, also, you can contact our Education Counselors facility staff to get updated the knowledge and information.

They will be directed to you at our counselor’s guidance and Learning resource centers.

To know more about several course programs, you can click on our website that is (http://www.totaleducator.com/courses-list ).

For Online Payment Mode you have to go the website http://www.totaleducator.com/payment-page. Or more information or support you can contact at our on +1-828-5448230 and Mail on info@totaleducator.com

Distance BCA course is a 3 years blended course program consists of online study and campus study. You will be doing self-study with the provided online course material and also will have to attend some of the on-campus classes and activities. Your exams will be taken on-campus as well.

You will be get chance to participate in various on-campus activities along with access to al the online study materials which no correspondence course will offer.

You will be required to attend few classes under distance mode of BCA education which are designed to help you get an opportunity to interact with the tutors.

No entrance exam is required to get admission into our BCA program, you will only need to produce your 10+2 mark sheet and certificates which clarifies that you had mathematics in your subjects.

If you have successfully completed your 10+2 studies with mathematics than you should be eligible for our BCA program. For more information, contact our helpdesk or explore our program webpage.

As soon as your student status gets confirmed, you will get email notifications. You can also get updated information about your admission status from our counselors through our helpline number.

You will be attending your all exams in on-campus or in our Guidance and Learning resource centers depending on your location.

You will be provided with online study material, video classes and printed study notes through your hub and during the on-campus sessions.

Your roll number will be sent to you through email and also through your student hub. You can also collect it from our learning centers.

We have a long chain of Guidance & Learning resources Centers in various places which are easily accessible for students to get counseling help.

You can get online prospectus from our website and the printed offline prospectus can be collected from our Guidance & Learning resources Centers.

You can contact us on mail through info@totaleducator.com and also through toll free phone number, +1-828-5448230.

Access our payment page to get detailed information on our all accepted payment moods.

In the totaleducator, you will get various types of study material that provided by universities & Institutes such as:-

  • Books
  • Digital or Online material soft copy
  • Some raw material of copy
  • And other learning resources

After the admission procedure, you can easily contact with our counselor by CALL on our number +1-828-5448230 or you can MAIL us at info@totaleducator.com.

Accredited Courses, Innovative Teaching Pedagogy, Reputed Faculty, Infrastructure, 100% Placements, Industry Interface, Opportunity to Work on Industry Live Projects, Training & Certification opportunities on IBM and other Technologies.

All the technical courses offered by all the totaleducator are full time and affiliated/ approved/ recognized by competent Government bodies (AICTE/AIU).

For any queries and information, call us on +1-828-5448230 or mail us at info@totaleducator.com

Online Mode (http://www.totaleducator.com/payment-page )

We are resolved to give you a magnificent learning knowledge through world-class substance and best-in-class teachers. We will make a biological community through this preparation, that will empower you to change over circumstances into occupation offers by showing your aptitudes at the season of a meeting. We can help you on resume building and furthermore share imperative inquiries addresses once you are finished with the preparation. In any case, please comprehend that we are not into occupation positions.

We are resolved to give you a magnificent learning knowledge through world-class substance and best-in-class teachers. We will make a biological community through this preparation, that will empower you to change over circumstances into occupation offers by showing your aptitudes at the season of a meeting. We can help you on resume building and furthermore share imperative inquiries addresses once you are finished with the preparation. In any case, please comprehend that we are not into occupation positions.

Totaleducator is an authorised Global PMI R.E.P (Registered Education Provider, ID 4021). On successful completion of the course, we issue professional development units (PDUs) to meet the continuing education required by PMI credential holders. (One PDU is equal to one hour involved in professional development or learning activity related to project management)

You can enroll for the training online. Payments can be made using any of the following options and receipt of the same will be issued to the candidate automatically via email.

1. Visa debit/credit card

2. American express and Diners club card

3. Master Card, or

4. Through PayPal

Totaleducator is the pioneer of Hadoop preparing in India. As you probably are aware today the interest for Hadoop experts far surpasses the supply. So it pays to be with the market pioneer like Totaleducator with regards to learning Hadoop to summon best pay rates. As a major aspect of the preparation you will find out about the different parts of Hadoop like MapReduce, HDFS, HBase, Hive, Pig, Sqoop, Flume, Oozie among others. You will get a top to bottom comprehension of the whole Hadoop structure for handling gigantic volumes of information in certifiable situations.
The preparation is the most thorough course, composed by industry specialists remembering the occupation situation and corporate necessities. We likewise give lifetime access to recordings, course materials, every minute of every day Support, and free course material overhaul. Henceforth it is a one-time venture

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