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The course is designed based on the guidelines provided in Project Management Institute’s A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide).

Microsoft Project is one of the most widely used softwares by executives, project managers and team members alike. This software designed by Microsoft allows project managers to assign various tasks such as examining resources,budgets,agenda and measure growth, all from one tool. 

TotalEducator's training will help professionals manage time, tasks, people and resources effectively when completing a complex project. Our training will provide a comprehensive introduction to the basics of Microsoft® Project  such as collaboration, submitting timesheets, and flagging issues and risks. Multiple learning pedagogies including instructor-led classes, video presentations, and other learning aids are used in the training, which helps learners learn by doing, listening, reading, and visualizing.

Microsoft Project session Flow

Duration – 6 hrs

Introduction –

  • What is scheduling?
  • Introduction of MS Project
  • About the course

Getting Started with MS Project –

  • Interface tour
  • Navigating the backstage view
  • Menu bars
  • Starting MS Project

Set up a Project –

  • Create a new project
  • Define your project
  • Configure options
  • Set up the project calendar
  • Using templates for productivity

Creating project task –

  • Create a new task
  • Create a milestone
  • Create summary task
  • Creating recurring task for meetings etc.
  • Organising tasks, linking tasks
  • Choosing between manual and automatic scheduling

Entering resources –

  • Using the resource views
  • Creating a work resource
  • Creating a material resource, entering resource costs
  • Creating resource calendars
  • Organising resources

Assigning Tasks to resources –

  • Know what are tasks types
  • Using views to assign resources
  • Assigning resources to tasks
  • Review resource usages
  • Using team planner view to review resources

Working with MS Project Views and other objects –

  • Understanding MS Project objects
  • Switching between views and tables
  • Using columns in a table, using sorting, grouping and filtering
  • Using the timeline view

Refining and tuning the project schedule –

  • Analyse using the critical path
  • Resolve resources over- allocations
  • Inspect scope time cost

Presenting the schedule –

  • Summarise the project
  • Ways to present schedule to stake holders

Understanding how baseline works –

  • Base lining the schedule

Tracking and Reporting projects –

  • Updating the schedule
  • Updating the cost
  • How to change the baseline
  • Viewing project status
  • Producing reports
  • Using project views for progress reporting

Getting better at using MS Project –

  • Using a global templates
  • Exporting and importing objects
  • Sharing knowledge and information


Exploring Project & Learning

Getting Started with Microsoft Project

Modifying and Organizing a Task List

Shaping a Schedule

Modifying Task dependencies

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